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Do dots stack???

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DoTs of different types do stack, and some of the same type do as well.

Minor Bleed can stack up to 3x
Moderate Bleed replaces Minor Bleed stacks with slightly higher damage than 3stacks of Minor (with =AP)
Severe Bleed replaces all stacks of Minor/Moderate Bleeding, most of the time dealing more damage.
(A Severe Bleed from someone with less AP than who applied the Minor/Moderate may not actually yield an increase in damage)
The Bleed Cleanse from Knife Fighter will cleanse these.
Friar has the only skill that can add Bleed Mitigation, other skills that add All Armor do not add Bleed Armor.

Moderate Corruption and Severe Corruption are similar.

Poisons from Basic Toxin and Poisoner do seem to stack, they do not replace each other.
The Poison Cleanse from Poisoner will cleanse these, but not Corruption or Disease even if they are caused by a Toxin.

Disease stacks up to 3x, similar to Moderate Bleed though higher damage

Electrocution, Severe Burning and Frostbite (from Frost Arrows-not Scarecrow) all act as their own DoT as well.

All of these DoTs can Crit upon application from my experience as well, allowing some substantially high damage per ticks to occur. 

Purgative from Field Surgeon will cleanse all of these.



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hmmm ok thanks, was thinking of trying to build a dot based character but it seems like as it stands now it may not realy be worth it since if i understand u correctly you can stacks bleeds and other player bleeds may or may not overide yours so if 2 people dot based attacks same person ur not realy be doing full dmg.
And seems like there alot of ways to cleanse/remove dots where physical dmg u cant hmm
Thanks for info though i may experiment but as it stands it doesnt seem too viable

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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