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Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

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Can we get questions in early for this? (Rhetorical, I'm asking anyways)

  • With Wildcrafting being added and our local game banks already stretched, are you going to implement the bag system along with bank changes? With most harvesting, the quantity of various colored materials exceed the volume of 1 local bank. All the different resource with colors along with all the different rare drops (minerals/gems/heartwood) takes up a ton of space. With only 6 local banks available in the game (keep, 3 forts, beachhead and crypt) it makes it very difficult to take the random items that are picked up with all this harvesting and actually bank them. 
  • Could you please give an update on the lag issues we are experiencing with only 30 or so players in an area? With 5.8 coming, I would expect you to want to see larger groups but when we run into another group of 10, or if you hit the jackpot and all 3 factions are in the same area with 10 or so each, things get really bad. In 5.8, what size of fights are you expecting to run smoothly? Are there siege changes to how forts or keeps are taken?
  • Could you discuss changes to the  hunger that will be implemented since the activity has dropped in the last week? Are there any changes that will happen in future patches in 5.7 to improve this?


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@thomasblair / @mhalashace

Q: re: combat log. Do we only see personal numbers - or can we see group mates?

e.g. when using nature's avatar on an ally there is zero feedback about your contribution. will i be able to see my ally damage numbers? would we ever be able to see our ally damage via natures avatar as floating numbers? while an interesting utility it is very boring to use with zero player movement or feedback. also now we cannot see cooldowns of our other powers when channeling due to global power button changes recently either.

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