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Bestiary: Urgu - Official Discussion Thread

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2 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

Well, the lore reasons for the race is kinda... dumb. I mean, not to nitpick but humans are supposed to eat meat. We dont do it 'cuz we are murderers or anything. Blame whoever made meat so damn delicious.

So I got the feeling she was punishing humans for being humans. A overreaction.

The lore also kinda limits the addition of more morsterly humanoids. I thought for sure we would see something like non-human natives faction. Now, since this is a deliberate punishment there is no room for creating others without creating a new lore behind.

Are there other clans planned?

PS. And yeah, totally calling them orcs.

That's entirely the point and totally in character for Cybele. 


She is a creature of the moment, always laughing and looking for something new to keep her entertained. She bores easily and rarely stays in one place for long. Flighty and self-absorbed, Cybele expects unwavering attention and affection from everyone around her—mortal and immortal. She is temperamental and given to short fits of anger when she doesn’t get her way.

Fortunately, these tantrums pass quickly and are immediately forgotten.

It's probably less about humans eating meat and more about the fact that they wanted something she didn't give them.

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On 14.9.2018 at 2:17 PM, chancellor said:

I guess  the race name, "Orc" was copyrighted?

Hello? Thats not an Orc. Thats a Gamorrean.


And by this a clever trick to connect two different genres (fantasy and sience fiction). Well done.


On 13.9.2018 at 6:19 PM, Zatch said:

Playable race when? 

^This. (and again a clever trick ;) )


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I don't think anyone actually "owns" the rights to an "Orc".  Tolkien did it first, but CS Lewis had them, or a description of them, in Narnia as well. (Tolkien and Lewis were close friends).   

Those both certainly pre-date any game that has used them since.

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On 9/13/2018 at 9:19 AM, Zatch said:

Playable race when? 

Fort Defender: "I must prepare for battle!"  *cooks 100 boar ribs on the fire*

Fort Defender: "My chicken ticker will not stay full!"  *eats 100 boar ribs during the fight*

After the 100th boar rib eaten, Cybele takes notice.  Suddenly the Fort Defender is struck with "Cybele's Comeuppance" and turns into a were-pigman until the next day.


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