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Aye, My Name Is Wefl, Wow Pro...


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...bably was not the right game I have invested nine years and a lot of money.

Now I found a new game, where I can sub, aye!


Hopefully? Well, b2t.


My aka is wefl, located in Austria and MMORPG fan since 1999. Meanwhile I play the waiting-game, CS:GO, LoL, Evo, and such MOBA/Shooter titles, because, I dont even know.


I found this game title because of... destiny. Yes, that is the right word I was looking for.

I played WoW, EQ2, GW, GW2, AA, Rift, Wildstar, EVE, Runescape, and so on. But no title of this was filling the hole in my heart after the cataclysmic AddOn that changed everything. Soooo I was looking for a new title for nearly four years now. First I heard of EQN two years ago or so and followed it until 2015. But after the daybreak, there was no hope left in my opinion, it just layed off.

So I decided to go on and search for another game, I read, watched and imagined what game it could be, "THE ONE".

One week and many games later, after four hours youtube and at a point I nearly closed the browser, I found a "hundred sub"-channel which contained a video "What is Crowfall" or something like that.After I watched it I stood up, opened the window and looked up to the star-filled sky... I think I felt a tear wandering down my face, a tear of happiness.


At this point I want to thank the whole ACE-team, especially Larissa, for her charming smile on her team section photo. I believe in you and your vision, and I will support the whole project as good as its possible for me. I really look forward to get hands on this game, idc if Pre-/Alpha/Beta or whatever you will call it, I will test this game to its limits and beyond!



If you have questions or did not understand something in this post, feel free to comment below.

Thank you for reading my story "Crowefll" inspired by myself.

Sorry if I messed up something in the text, english is not my mothertongue.



Do not get me wrong, most of the text is meant to be serious! I just like to entertain myself as im writing posts, I dont know why, please dont be rude.



Hi im wefl, I played nine years WoW.


regards wefl :)



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From what I read and saw until now, it seems like it is the one I was searching for a long time.

But I also saw game titles fall after their promises, I hope ACE can restore my faith in MMORPG game development. We will see, hopefully when the countdown hits the zero. ;) I need more Info of this game to feed my hypelevel over 9000 so I can jump on the train too.

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the stars were indeed shining brightly that night and they light was reflected on the single tear slowly climbing downward ... a tear of hope 

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