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Help Chat Channel

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I'd like to request a permanent Chat Channel be implemented named "Help" or something similar, so that the constant stream of newbie questions don't aggravate our more... veteran players.

Presently, when a newbie question is asked, those players with more tribal knowledge often try to help, but are more snarky than useful (as they've already assimilated the games more un-intuitive concepts), and it makes the process more difficult getting accurate information to our players in a manner that is welcoming to the game. Given the New Player Experience on Crowfall is often derided as being rather cliff-like, anything to make this process easier on both the new players and veterans would be most welcome.

Ideally the chat channel would be:

  • Auto-Joined by all accounts on creation.
  • Leavable by anyone who does not want to participate.
  • Re-Joinable by any account without invitation
  • Positioned on the far right of all channels.
  • Permanent, like General, and not user channels.

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I agree with this well articulated idea. 

I would also complement your diplomacy in how you positioned veteran player drama. I personally do not appreciate the sarcastic nonsense that comes out of some of these trolls. :)

On the other hand some of our veteran players have been amazing to play with. Shout out and thanks to @Durenthal @Anthrage @Rhana @Ussiah @Kraahk to name a few...

@Nicodeimus @Kortane you guys have been great to team up with as well.



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