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Skill tree / time & XP


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The problem : several players have the same feeling about the current skill tree. When you start playing crowfall and you get intermediate gears, you want to explore the game. Crafting is funny, but you realized that you Don't have the skills. The only way to get them is to… wait. So players delog ... wait 1/2 Week … then relog train...then delog… and the servers are empty.

You can't go pvp since you are behind in skills too. The only thing to do is to join groups to do missions. But my personal feeling is that social comes after discovering the game. First you explore game mechanics, you build your character then you join guilds, groups… Being Always behind trained is not a good feeling.

The current game mechanic doesn't reward playing (although it prevents hardcore players to not take the lead with a time based system, what is a good thing). I think it's a serious issue. 

Hardcore players got several crowfall accounts (i saw people with 10 accounts). So 10 accounts are training overtime. So a pure time based system got some side effects.


Suggestion : Mix the current time based system with a boost XP reward on game real play. If i'm Killing mobs and i'm training combat skills at the same time, boost my training points reward. I'm playing an elf and i'm harvesting skins, boost my elf/ skin line training skills. And so on. Civilization 6 uses this boost tech tree mechanics. So it gives the player some mixed control on tech advancement.

I'm sure that if you reward playing and not waiting, more players will be on servers.


Alternative suggestion mechanic : another mechanic would be from sb experience. It was really fun to restart a char in sb. People restart a huge amount of time their char because they wanted to test builds. So in crowfall, another solution would be to do a short time passive tree (maybe 15 days / 1 month of play to train all). But do not unlock all tree features. So the player have to make choices. He can't have the full tree. Then Add a wipe skill tree that can be done by the player. So he can start again his new passive tree solution from ground. Restarting a new char and training was not painfull in sb, because it was intended by the player, and i remember being excited.

This gives multiple advantage :

- The hardcore player issue is fixed ! Since all can be trained in a short amount of time.

- Diversity is maintained : the player can wipe it s skill tree a much amount of time to find it s personal taste build.

- new players are not on disadvantage. In a small amount of time, they access to end game features. Of course their do not have the meta knowledge of experimented players, but with time they can re wipe their skill tree to feed their way of play.


I wish the best success to all the crowfall team. Crowfall can became a really fun game to play. Hope theses suggestions can help !


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Alternative suggestion mechanic
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I agree with a short time skill tree. I would not like to wait months (or  years) for a competitive 1 vs 1 pvp.

On sb character leveling up to 75 need several days (and less with macro leveling). A short time skill tree would be interesting only if players can't fill all the skill tree. They need to choose their specialities. So a skill wipe feature from a player would be fun to undo choice and go for another path. Just i would like is that my choices really count, not a flat linear commun skill tree like all other players. 

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