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Mace Time-lapse - Official Discussion Thread

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2 hours ago, Scorn said:

Will players be able to use this model? Maybe a version that drops from the Urgu, a Recipe found or a Cosmetic version purchased.
I believe there's a great deal of potential for Crowfall in Cosmetic Shifts for Armor and Weaponry.

Most MMO games today rake in the dough with skins and cosmetic items. I can't see them not doing it from a business stand point.


*They may want to make them character bound or account bound*

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Very nice.

I am personally quite surprised by the introduction of NPC-only Races. I'd always imagined our NPCs to mostly be Zombified/Hunger-ified of our own races. Like Risen, but of all the Race types, just to reuse the model and movement. Then, there could also be Race-specific Thrall drops, Race-specific Necro additives, and Race-specific Risen Camp/Graveyard combos.

Maybe still to come.

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