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Is there any trials or demos that can test ?

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When you registered on the website, you automatically got assigned to a beta test group. At some future point, you will get invited to a free closed beta phase (no date announced for the free test yet, might be 2019).

To playtest now, you would need to buy the starter package for $50 that gives access to the LIVE test server for all test phases, and includes a copy of the game for launch.

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17 hours ago, D1zZerman said:

question in title

There is a September give away going on, if you make your account in September you are entered in a drawling to win the basic pack. Other than that there is no way to play without paying until open beta.

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22 hours ago, D1zZerman said:

question in title

Welcome to the forums.

Besides it, mostly, all has been said, much better than listen to us is listen to the developers. Here is what they (Gordon Walton on the right side, Executive Producer) said last (starting at 28:22):


Be also aware, if you get access to the closed beta during the end of development purely by registering an account, this will not mean that you will be able to play Crowfall after it's launch. Crowfall will be buy-to-play (buy once, play forever - with optional VIP tickets which will contain convinience benefits without making the game unplayable for non-vips, and VP tickets being tradeable ingame).

Have fun, good luck ... and maybe see you in the game. ;)


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