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New to the "Take the throne" game style


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I've been playing MMOs for quite some time, let's say since 2011? With most of the mmos I played being GW2, WS, FFXIV, and a bit of WoW [Never really got to max level yet hah]

They all had a few things in common, being PvE focused, having raids/dungeons, and multiple branches of play styles [PvE, WvW, PvP]

Now this is the first game that feels like it will be different in one way or the other- [Doubting Dungeons, and Raids may make their appearance in  a game like this.]

Is there anything I should be expecting taking my first step into Crowfall? Won't be starting right away, but will be in Q4 of this year.

Is it more closely related to WvW/PvP? Or would you say it's more unique?

Also I absolutely love that Art Style of the game itself. It's one of those things that pulls you in ya know?

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2 hours ago, Naks said:


Is there anything I should be expecting taking my first step into Crowfall? Won't be starting right away, but will be in Q4 of this year.

The first thing is, you won't be effective alone.  Going alone also makes learning the game take longer.

Second.  Passive training in the early stages of the game won't feel effective for a few days, so don't sweat it.

When starting you will either have to 

  1. Find a group to help you when you start.
  2. Expect to hunt PvE critters for gold, (if they haven't changed that when you show up, it's a bit of a placeholder),  and then buy your gear from players EK's. 

Pick something you think you will want to do in the game, and start training it. Since skill is passively earned, your first few hours of learning are not critical, so don't worry about getting it right on day one.

Also, don't waste time focusing on leveling up.  You will be in a starter vessel, and will want to upgrade quickly, which loses all the active/sacrifice levels you already spent time getting.

Economically, harvesting is easy in spring, but very hard in winter, so if you start in winter, spawn or join someones EK to get your first bit of materials.

Crafting advanced anything is not really possible in your first weekend due to needing basic training to get your first "real" recipe.

If crafting is your thing, figure out how the mechanics work on the beachhead with intermediate gear, but plan to get away from that gear ASAP.

But really, point 1 is your best bet.  Get some friends, because it's also in their best interests to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. The faster your geared, and trained, the faster you can contribute to the conquest.




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