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The Bloody Point CF Vlog - Taking A Stab At It


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In this first episode of Taking A Stab At It on the @TheBloodyPoint I wonder out loud about whether there is an issue with the 'fly back to your body as a Crow' mechanic, and I'd like your thoughts on it too. Also, since it's Crowfall, someone dies. :P


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11 hours ago, yianni said:

they need to fix it so the enemy cant see it

Yeah that's an option but then you could have a whole force of crows, and basically use Crow like stealth, so spawn in all at once. I think they should actually make it function the same way stealth does - allies see it, enemies don't by default, but can detect you.

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Current system allows corpse camping and makes rallying a force after a battle loss a pain in the ass.  

The prior system of respawning at a fixed location was superior.  If we could have set a respawn point rather than it being whatever was closest (but not too close) it would have been better.  The set respawn system is also the type of system used by other "throne war" games: Shadowbane, Darkfall, EVE.

The crow fly back system discourages getting a 2nd fight and rally, if the victor are determined to corpse camp.

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