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Leveling and Skill system suggestion

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7 hours ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

Tier 9-10 critters drop up to 250gp each.

Turn that into white mats at 450/100, then into items to sell in an active EK market, and you can make cash without grind.

I made about well over 30k over the last month just selling leather bits to make armor with. Yes, leather. The totally horrible trade given the current meta.

Pre crafting, farm cutting grit and hit the chat saying you are selling it. 500 GP a pop is probably reasonable.

If you know what to do and the market, it's not a grind, unless you want it to be.

Won't be a wipe till at least 5.8. That does not seem to be the next campaign.

on top of this... Vet players do not usually level the starting vessel...  just not worth it, get yourself a crafted vessel to level (stats are 5x starting vessel or more).   To really avoid the level grind you do architectural frames...  24 white levels you to 20 and only uses 60 wood and 30 ore and knowing a stonemason...   15 green frames gets you to 25, at that point use coins to 30, about 23k.


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                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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Hi :)

I  really enjoy changing subjects, so a free  ride from EK for a moment ,, then comeback to it.

You see1,2,3,4,5years of training might be a challenge for a single account, but i like the idea of staying on only 2 charrs, as intended to pay monthly for a account. I really want this game to flourish, so both ways, we pay, we have fun. It's obvious on cant be ultraskilled,  loses a lot, for a 2nd year maybe but what for. I just really need a DEX an STR- I already picked both for sure ( read whole forum, seen whole Youtube during month,, don't wanna point out sites or pages, it would be too commercial :) whole currents stats tables for classes, races, harvesters... ahh, enjoyed it ). I would share a time for either harvesting or crafting and fighting, and that's enough for me. 

Tried third option, of INT, since there is huge currently unused potential, but about that later.

1. Command range 25 m:

- I like magic 3  so :

-25-40 m to fight group, why? where is ranger in fight ( will test it later) since i got range i wanna  be a bit back, or I don't know,, both sword do really good, but stll mainly ranger. Iknow there are multiple options for this

- 25 m  for crafting? way too much. I just could imagine 2 craft commanders, 8 crafters. Just to imagine what a coordinated guild could do in an hour. 25m  takes both 2x4 square tables. I mean really, they will be like gods of Craftiing.

-25m for node harvesting- may differ on 3 kinds. 2-3 harvester, plus 2 guards, well  looks promising. Where is the point of getting command  for a trees? ( maybe some magic ones, happenning once for a campaign). Skining? pretty simple, like pack of wolfes with a wolf leader. I like it. 

I mean guild  will be happy, but give a bit  for a Dreggs, solo or single ones. There is a option of calling a nearby friend to meet at the cloest campfire, group up and hit it.

Even solo i would like to have this option to just add some % of this skill to a group leader.

The point is, this XP skill should be costly, but still needed by everyone, on first or next year- after launch.

I would even make it on 3 branches, basic, medium, and hardcore


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