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Colorblindness (accessibility suggestion)

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I wanted to suggest a simple change to the UI. Would it be possible to make enemies yellow or orange instead of red?

 I'm not colorblind but the red already fades with the current color schemes and since this games environment is heavily green it is not very colorblind friendly. I would even change allies to blue rather than green. There is always room to invest in an actual colorblind friendly setting down the road, but as a temporary fix I suggest those colors. They are easily distinguishable between any of the color blindness types.

I wrote an article about this, so if you need some reinforced references here you go. May seem like a needless change but in all honesty it has the potential to improve UX for minimal lift.

Game Designer | KanashiGD.com | @KanashiGD

Elf of Hy'shen Avari

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