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Suggestion: Parcel Token Upgrade

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Ive noticed alot of people running into problems of not having enough building token spots for parcels in EK, Some have been trying to remedy this a little by trying to build there towns/cities on the boarder of 2-3 Parcels to maximise the tokens they have (Specifically the smaller tokens). I thought of an interesting idea that may work well in tying in EK, Campaigns and Crafting.

There is a chart showing what tokens you get for each parcel but atm i cant for the life of me locate that chart :( but it is rather small

Here my Suggestion
What if we had parcel upgrade tokens (Clearly rename them to something better but for simplicity sakes ill call them this) that dropped/acquired during Campaigns these will come in 5 sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL) these items can only be obtained via Campaign and exported via spirit bank at the end of the campaign.

This Parcel upgrade tokens can be used in crafting recipes in Stonemason to craft an item than you can use on a parcel (Preferable allowed them to be used on place parcels so you dont have to pick everythig up to upgrade them) once this item is used on a parcel it will game an additional building token for that size. This would allow player to slowly build up there EK into larger more condensed cities, Atm what player build seems like a little village but with this method this will allow player to turn there villages into towns then into Cities as they do campaigns. So there EK grows with each campaign and so does there prestige to a degree :)

Also note: You can have the stonemason recipe require thing from other crafts to tie it together with another crafting tree :)

I would love to see a system in place that allows for people to build up one area into a mega city over time and effort in campaigns instead of the current system where you just get a bunch of little villages thought parcels. :)

Other possibilities
This system could also be expanded with items dropping in the campaign from like boss monsters and things that would give you unique looking parcels that you cant normally craft. For example a golem boss may drop a Magic stone fragment that can be used in a Mine parcel recipe to make a new Mine Parcel this could be a mountain type Parcel with a Mining props out the front with a possible mineshaft leading underground into the mountain. This can be purely cosmetic or you could have it spawn a couple non slag ores in the cave that be be mined (The EK ores in this way would have a super long respawn like once or twice a day).
Gives players who just wanna build a town or Trading hub a real reason to head into the Campaigns to try and obtain these items used to upgrade there EK to be more attractive than other people EK :) Think of it a trade war to get the nicest place to set up a trade hub inbetween campaigns :)

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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3 hours ago, veeshan said:

There is a chart showing what tokens you get for each parcel but atm i cant for the life of me locate that chart :( but it is rather small

These are the current numbers.



We have always been told that land will come with more opportunities to build stuff (regarding both extent and density) depending on their size and rank.

Besides the point that the token system is still pretty new (and so still needs basic balancing after the first experiences in the tests have been made), all the existing parcels currently only exist as Rank-1 parcels, with rank 2 and 3 (with probably more token) not there yet. And, the two biggest stronghold parcels are also not in the game yet (those for the mountain citadel and the palace).

The point that we haven't heard anything at all about token adjustments seems to suggest that there is still a lot of work to do for ACE, with details/ideas that are not yet ready to be even mentioned.


This said, i like the suggestion of individual token expansions that would allow people to do with their land exactly what they want to. And also the idea that we could (would need to) find such token expansions in the campaigns.  :)


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