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Last Vigil


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Last Vigil traces its history back almost fifteen years ago to Guild Wars. At our pinnacle we numbered over 100 members and boasted a truly democratic structure with all officers including the guild leader being elected. Various instances of the guild in different games were subject to review by an executive council of elders. 

We've all grown older now and life has interrupted much of our gaming. A core of the guild has however remained in contact with 32 members still in our core. Our structure still remains though and we're in the process of giving our forums and website a much needed facelift. 

Two of us have backed Crowfall and we hope to maintain an active presence here. We do accept though that our days of PVP combat might be behind us and so we plan to focus on building an EK that supplies weapons and armor to others. However, we are also cognizant that the guild needs to continue evolving and so we invite new members to join us. 



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