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Maintenance pop-up at log-in, log-out and register

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I just had to re-log and noticed a random 'we are under maintenance' pop-up coming up once I clicked the login button (It also took longer to log-in than I remembered but not sure). The same happened when I tried logging out to see if it was a one time thing, and even when I clicked the 'register' button (misclick) .

Considering I was able to log-in with no problems (excuding the slightly bigger time frame) and was able to navigate the forums no problem this seems like a web issue.

It seems like the pop-up is shown just before the correct action is carried out. Just before the page refresh.

Here is what I saw just after clicking log-out:


PS: I think "We're undergoing of maintenance" sounds weird. I would get rid of the 'of'

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