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[Raven] Ravens Amongst Crows


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Ravens Amongst Crows


[Raven] is a new guild in Crowfall. We are currently looking for active new and veteran players to join the guild and fill our ranks.

We are in the making of a new guild from the ground up. [Raven] is part of the Chaos faction. We would like to take of territories as much as we can as a group.

We try to be helpful to new players in any faction. Though killing new players is allowed too. We try to get into pvp as much as we can but also help others.

Since this is a pre-alpha game we try to keep our community positive but chaotic people are welcome. 

Our Officers fill helpful roles in our guild. Such as mentors, content creators, group leaders, and more. This guild is very new and always trying to improve and listens to all its members.

If you would like to join [Raven] Ravens Amongst Crows shoot KingNoobie a message or post on this thread and state which role you would like to fill.

Current Roles Looking To Fill

  • Guild Noobies (New to the game and needs some help)
  • Guild Members (Just wants to be a member and support the guild ingame)
  • Guild Leaders (Helps organize the guild and active in many roles and has suggestions to improve guild)
  • Guild Mentors (Experienced player willing to guide new players in the right direction)
  • Guild Recruiters (Helps get the guild known and finds soldiers to join us)
  • Guild Group Leader (Leader of a group and is active on discord to help lead)
  • Guild Discord Admin (Is active and helps keep peace on our future discord server)
  • Guild YouTuber (Makes YouTube videos of our action in-game, along with other content)
  • Guild Twitcher (Guild member who is active on Twitch)
  • Guild Alliances (Alliances for our guild)



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