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02/17/15 - Voxel Farm & Elken Stalkers!

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Hey gang,   Exciting times!      This morning's update is a bit different; instead of concentrating exclusively on game content, today we're going to look at some of the core technology that we'

Our goal with voxels is much more of the destructive nature, blowing up walls, digging, creating really big holes, resource gathering.    Yes there will be some placing of structures but not to the

Don't take everything you see in the videos as "How Crowfall will look or feel" Just see the potentially incredible elements that we will be introducing that Voxel Farm allows.   We will be using ph

Things with the worlds, campaigns and resets are starting to make sense for me now, especially with this update. I am by far tech savy when it comes to gaming, I am more of the experienced gamer with knowledge on what works and doesn't with games.


This gives me confident as well that we probably won't have to sit here and wait for 3 or 4 years for this game hopefully !

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On the Eternal Kingdoms, the technology gives you the ability to customize your Kingdom or province in unique and interesting ways: construct a blacksmith shop, design a marketplace, build walls and towers and design a Castle.


Question:  Will there be a set of in-game construction tools (similar to Landmark) allowing the EK to be a creative free-for-all?  Or will it be more of a library of approved design element that will be available through a shop with or without a charge (similar to EQNext)?


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Voxel explains a lot.  Suddenly the strategy part of the game comes forward if we can destroy buildings/tunnel. 


And it's usable in the EK.  Massive lure for crafters.


Very exciting stuff.


Just a note on the first person Elken story - no way to know if it's the Elken speaking in the first person or his stalker. 


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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I'm fairly sure they can just make the ground indestructible. 

They could, but it seems like they already have the idea of allowing people to build underground tunnels.


I think this is one of those cases where the developers think too highly of their playerbase. We all know that a system like this enables mass griefing and it will happen.



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The only thing that worries me about this update can be seen here.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on-0Ou48tak#t=65 (The video should take you to 1:05 - 1:16, if not, that is the part of the video I am referring to).


The dude just runs into the large stone objects and the stone gets pushed back. Granted, it was already knocked off of the main structure, but I still found it odd. I know Crowfall mentioned they are using physics in this game. I am curious if that was meant for combat only? 

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now THIS has my attention. If they are able to use an algorithm to create worlds, a playable world may not be as far away as I first thought. When you think of a new MMO, you have dedicated people just creating terrain, ect. If all they need to do is generate assets and use an algorithm to create the worlds, the time to create the game will be greatly reduced. I certainly hope to see this in action once that timer runs down.


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