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02/17/15 - Voxel Farm & Elken Stalkers!

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Hey gang,   Exciting times!      This morning's update is a bit different; instead of concentrating exclusively on game content, today we're going to look at some of the core technology that we'

Our goal with voxels is much more of the destructive nature, blowing up walls, digging, creating really big holes, resource gathering.    Yes there will be some placing of structures but not to the

Don't take everything you see in the videos as "How Crowfall will look or feel" Just see the potentially incredible elements that we will be introducing that Voxel Farm allows.   We will be using ph

That's the plan! 



Don't worry, we have thought long and hard about ways to make sure that the madness works. Things won't be messed up within 5 minutes for the remainder of the campaign. 


LOL that twice today you have confirmed my answers quickly , thank you!  Can't wait until next weeks full reveal!!!

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Tanom of the WhiteWalkers



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^^^, is this technology ideal to sustain massive fights? Sieges?


Voxels will be converted into meshes, thus performance will be fine. Currently running Landmark with ~50fps on an 1.5 year old system and that game isn't fully optimised yet.


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We're going to have a community wide edict. If you build anything looking like a penis the entire server, no matter what the circumstances and politics unites to burn you down! :P


I will sign this pact in blood.  Down with anything immersion-breaking.  Don't build phallic stuff, don't build super mario or other pop culture crap, or we raze you to the ground with impunity.



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In EQN, the mechanics of Voxels was extremely problematic in how you could place, maneuver and change them. It was one of the main reasons I left playing the game and got a refund as they never did address some of these problems.


The whole Voxel mechanic is extremely interesting though, and adds a lot of flavor and potential to games. I just hope the devs here can implement a better control system than SOE had.

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I wonder if players will be able to access the Voxel system to build the castles during gameplay, though I'm leaning towards the "I hope not" side of the equation.


Building DURING a siege? That would be absurd! It's unlikely we would allow that. 

Tully Ackland

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My concern about voxels over traditional polygons in this game relate to performance.  Not sure what kind of world limitations you are considering for implementation, but having that many voxels (which will be needed to order to achieve any level of decent MMO detail) will require a lot of processing power.  Since everything is rendered as triangles, the voxels need to be converted first, adding a layer of complexity and computation on top of the necessary voxel lighting/ray tracing/whatever.  Furthermore, we're still under the impression that the Hunger will be eating away at everything, too, requiring updates to the voxels in either realtime or in designated updates (but no one wants to see that griffon go from full feathered to skin and bones in a blink of an eye).  Dynamically updating voxel octtrees is another drain on resources.


Have you all done massive tests yet with the pre-alpha ingame?  Rendering 100 avatars together with buildings at a good detail level?  I seriously worry about performance.  Something will have to give with this model.  It'll either be LOD or culling, I suspect.  


Don't get me wrong.  I love the idea of dynamic environments and destructibles and the like.  But from a physics perspective, I think we'd rather have native destructible meshes than voxel cubes being destroyed in boxy XYZ space (voxels are notorious for animation complexity, hence why they are used for terrain, mostly)..... unless you plan on using Voxel Farm to handle build creation and are working with Miguel on a custom solution to turn the voxels into destructible meshes?


This is incredible from a potential perspective, and I trust your engine devs that are no doubt smarter than me to have thought of these things and more.  But the pragmatist wants to be sure due diligence was done out of fear that this would be a $50-100k mistake in engine choice  :unsure:


(No, I haven't played EQ Next/Landmark with their voxel engine to compare).  


Elder, Lords of the Dead


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