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First off, I see potential in Crowfall as a game, as a player with very little actual time to play because of work and life. A game where I don't fall way behind from missing a few days or one that I can log on for a few hours a night and just be a crafter if I want is rather appealing right now.

That said, I've been playing a few days now and so far I'm figuring things out pretty well. Somethings are a bit of a mess, but I know the game is a WIP so I'm not really complaining. Instead I would like to thank all the nice people in general chat that I've seen helping the newbies like myself with our questions, and helping us get started. Even if we picked Chaos, and most of you want to gank us for our gold lol. I'm glad to see a good community in this game, and I hope it remains that way, sour communities ruin games faster than developers in most cases. So keep up the good vibes, and I'll see y'all in game.


P.S. special thanks to the person who pointed me in the direction of the campfire, that I walked past multiple times, like at least 10 or so. Still feeling like a scrub on that one...

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