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Should the visual langauge be dumber?

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Hi, I'm a nerd like you probably, but with a problem.

I'm a total casual now because of a mental illness and I still want to participate in the game.

The moba genre has really had a grand boom, and I've had a lot of fun participating in it. I think it's where MMO combat wishes it could be, obviously with a few twists, but can't be because of technical limitations. Essentially the world isn't fair, and the real world problems have stalled the evolution of MMO combat systems. Mobas tend to have tighter locks on what abilities can do, and what they can't do because they're trying to fit within the real world constraints that allow them to be so action oriented. So essentially they have to be dumber in some ways. That's not bad however, because a lot can be going on at once, and you'll still be able to react quite quickly, and its still a fun challenge.

MMO combat tends to be slower, but for some reason also a lot more confusing. So even with all that reaction time, you might still not know what to do give a certain situation. I might not be able to participate in the highest levels of MMO play, but I can still watch a raid or a stream, and be clued in on what's happening at the highest tiers of play. However understanding what's going on can be quite difficult.

That's part of the appeal of MMO combat's strategic depth, but its also a problem that makes it harder to watch. Even though I don't play dota 2 after having played other mobas, I can still kind of understand what's going on, because broadly they share a visual language, and share similar limitations in what abilities can do. I still might not know what buff or debuff does what, but I can still visually see someone's stunned, taken a lot of damage, or moved very fast across the screen.


MMO combat tends to be very very tough to be good at, because the things MMOs can take advantage of, that a moba can't, are very different, and favor different systems with their own challenges to overcome.

Personally I've never even come close to being a competent PVP MMO player, probably because I was too young before, but also probably due to this problem. I can't watch MMO combat of say World of Warcraft's Arena World Championship, and be involved in the strategy deeper then what the caster's tell me is going on.

However, I know what's happening in a Moba because its pretty straight forward. With only a little research I'm now pretty clued in on what's going on.

I guess its just partially my fault, too however.

Part of that is because I've taken a break from world of warcraft, and each class can take quite some time to understand, and to be a competitor you have to know the abilities of almost all of them and how to deal with them, and that, that's just a lot to understand for anyone, let alone someone who's kind of been artificially dumbed down, and is out of the loop.

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