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Don't you mean Murdeer? Ba da ch

I may roll A Demonic Deer man thing. But I can't guarantee because I'll probably like some other Archetypes. However The Venison assassin is my favourite class so far 

my favorite race, definitely will be playing this.

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This archetype is what intrigued me most initially, but I'm seeeeriously excited and interested to see the development of how the Promotion Class and Discipline systems allow you to branch out with it.  It seems a lot of people want Rambi (Rambo + Bambi?).  I've always been more of a lone wolf — played a solo Night Elf druid in WoW — and was thinking more along the lines of magic-enhanced stalking and more powerful single shots.  Initial Spirit values for the Stalker are low, but surely Advantages can change that?  I want to be silent and invisible, but who needs speed when you only need to loose one arrow...


Imagine an Elken on bent knee with its hand to the ground, absorbing (quite literally) information from the forest around it.  Think "glowy energy/plant effects on Pandora" that give Predator-like visual input while connected to that natural power source.  He stalks to an opening in a grove with an arrow nocked; lines up his sight.  Whispers an incantation, and wispy blue tendrils of magic slowly churn around the arrowhead, gradually and then more swiftly building in intensity, until you almost hear it start to whine.  The glow and ethereal hum alerts his prey, who just barely manages to duck to the side as the bowstring snaps.  Directly behind where his target stood half a second before, a tree explodes into a thousand shards; but before the opponent can recover and retaliate, the hunter has stalked away into the shadows among the trees, like a ghost.


God, I'm corny.   :mellow:


But unless my Druid or Frostweaver can become masters of stealth, tracking, and archery, or my Ranger can harness magic and yet actually stalk better than a Stalker... then it looks like the Stalker is my closest hope.  Plus it just... looks so damn right for the part.

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I am hoping this class is not only a ranged DPS but also a good scout.  This is the first class I plan to try.


In one of the art project of ACE. The stalker archetype does have a sword on his back so he can probably encounter close/medium range combat as well which gives him potential for scouting. One of the best characteristics of stalker is steath. There is not official promotion on scout yet but I'm sure with its stealth, stalker can be a scout either way.


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This and Druid are my two primary archetypes I'm looking to play. It all depends on how skills line up and how they play which I choose. I hope Stalkers fit my playstyle because I really want to roll a Murder Deer!

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Possibly going to be Elken as my main, just need some more information first but will have to see if their skills are good or not.

"Stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. Silence will be your answer."

- Javik, Mass Effect 3

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I'm really interested in the potential to play something familiar, and yet different, as this game is certainly one that is both familiar and different for many of us.  


Seriously, though, has any game ever had deer people? I once wrote a race of deer people into a D&D campaign (called them the "Alkan", heh), but I've never seen a game that had them as a fleshed out playable race.  


I wonder what'll be different about them as opposed to other races. Maybe you can graze to eat and have a predator sense, as well as being able to turn tail and run away quickly :P

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Why is everyone talking about stealth? Stalkers have a DPS icon, not a Specialist icon. Rangers are stealthers. Stalkers aren't- unless they add a stealth discipline, which will probably be significantly weaker than archetype stealth.

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