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The First Few Hour

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Hey guys,

I'm putting together some information to share on stream next week and hoping to get some community thoughts on the best way to start off the game in the first few hours.  I'm looking for in terms of efficiency less so than how to get started:

Kick off research in skill tree's X, Y and Z.

Harvest 3 logs

Make an Ax

Harvest 12 more logs

Spend points in tree X to get skill Y.

Thanks for any feedback.  I am hoping to see a few different strategies and thoughts on what people think is most efficient for different goals.

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1. Meet some cool folks
2. They give you 2k coin an old set of armor and old weapons and a few low end tools
3. Skip right over any start up tasks, go farm zombies and keep upgrading

Unless you start on day one, hour one...    there is no need to grind from scratch.


                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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