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Beast control


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3 hours ago, ReaperOfSouls said:

I would absolutely love to see a character that has control over animals whether they are summons or pets that you can keep. The druid is a perfect class to implement this :).

Welcome to the forums.

We are not just meant to control animals, we are also meant to be able to tame animals. Wether ACE will accomplish to get these functions into the game before launch, we don't know. However, it was part of the original vision of the game. Skill taming. Tame a wild animal (like a boar) to make it a mount or pack animal (like a muskhog) with additional (and own) inventory, command it to follow or protect or let you ride it.

Since boars are in the game and both mounts and pack animals are in the shop, and caravans were a stretch goal during kickstarter, it's more than just likely to be added soon (one of the last missing basic systems).

Have fun, good luck


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