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Discord needs to support games like Crowfall

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Hey guys, I'm looking for support on a discord feature that is critical for Crowfall.  In siege warfare games, you often have multiple groups doing different task for the same objective, and discord currently doesn't support anything to help that.  I know this is slightly outside of the exact Crowfall beta per say, but it would benefit the game greatly if this function became available in discord.  Thanks everyone for taking a look and helping ancillary Crowfall VOIP applications.


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I agree that discord needs these sorts of features, but I'm actually a little surprised there isn't a third party solution to this already. It seems you could even hack together one for free with a series of 'broadcast' rooms that rebroadcasts anything said in it to sets of other rooms. You'd need a really painful virtual audio cable (vac) stack (is that the right word? Series of VACs set up to rebroadcast 1 incoming channel to however many outgoing mics) but I bet it'd work maybe. Discord probably doesn't let you be in more than one room, but that just means you'd need more instances of discord running with other users, then chain them with the VACs

I'd be surprised if someone hasn't already tried this



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