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5.8 Multiple Campaigns Import/Export Issues

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8 hours ago, srathor said:

Combat is where gold comes from. At least for now. 

Set spirit bank transfers to 5 up 5 down at the start of the campaign.  Give 5 up 5 down more for each of the season changes to all players. Any others can be acquired one of three ways. Capture of keeps, forts, towers, and camps gives you a transfer token reward. Bigger the target the more they are worth up to a cap per season shift. The other way is through gathering mats. With the right skill gotten from training there is a chance for a token to drop that can be sacrificed to a brazier for a transfer (Either up or down, not both). and the third way is to make a token with crafting. Probably a basic pattern thing that uses a mat, dust, and gold to make. 

Again subject to caps per season, till a final win. Winners can get a higher cap but not by too much, and they still need the tokens to sacrifice to get the power to move the stacks. (Or make the tokens themselve give the power. x1 token to SB at a location in the beachhead x  tokens to power it from anywhere.)



I like it, but I would change a few things.

  • Zero exports at the start.  In spring you have to earn every export.
  • New world imports is limited to the stuff you can equip on one Vessel.
  • Scale the free exports based on season.  So when you move from spring to summer, +5, Summer to fall, +10, and fall to winter +15, with +25 given as a base to everyone at the very end of the campaign. (Or something like that)
  • I would scale the rewards in a similar way.  So the fort/keep/camp rewards could scale based on season as well.

Not sure how I feel about the cap.  I would almost say a daily cap (from the point of view of the games counting of days).  So every sunrise you can trade in an export token. Also scaled by season. 

This way the cap is not so much a cap based on total per season, as it is a cap on how many things you can export per active hour of play.

But all in all, I approve of the direction of the idea.

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