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Call the Banners! - Official Discussion Thread

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4 hours ago, SoberSoul said:

Not many people realize where that git gud crap comes from lmao... funny story...

Dint play Dark Souls... But I wonder how many players in 5.8, can git gud at at the same time, in the same place, before the server gits rekt .

Hope JTodd has his engineering minions working overtime.

See ya Down-range regardless ...

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1 hour ago, Requiem_MDK said:

Will there be a wipe?  I should really start playing 


From what I have read and the way the article sounds, I believe it's coming in December some time. We have about another week in this campaign, so my guess is they will launch one more campaign in 5.7. So yes, it might be a good time to get started in 5.7 so you will have the basics down for 5.8. When the next campaign starts, there SHOULD be at least some uptick in server pop. 

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Hm, ok.

"Throughout November, join us on the road to the "First Campaign". Whether you’re new to the world or a battle-tested Crow, we’ve got something for you in these updates:

  • New Lobby flow and character creation improvements
  • Training and gearing up
  • Tips for group harvesting
  • An introduction to upcoming crafting changes
  • Choosing a Faction"

Thats ~count~ five news. Two news a week (tuesday+thursday). So, last of those on November 20th. So, first campaign scheduled to start roundabout 22th? Thanks for the hint.  :) 

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2 minutes ago, Marth said:
  • Choosing a Faction" Weren't we already able to do this?

Right, we do. :) So what is the interesting thing in that? It seems to promise that there will be something new and exciting about choosing a faction, righ'? Excited? I AM! xD

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Just now, Marth said:

I hope they dont mean mid campaign.

wouldnt expect so. but i could very well imagine (and like a lot) choosing a certain faction becoming more meaningful. like choosing a certain group of goods to serve in one campaign may provide certain buffs ... which may increase in future campaigns if you stay true to them ... or calls the wrath of a good if you change them.

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