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To all EU players

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Greetings fellow EU Crows…


History tells us that through these long periods of content breaks only one server has really had the potential to be active: US-East. 


  • We would like to change that….


So, while time’s ticking down till 5.8 lands on the servers, we are looking to try and balance the different factions on the EU server, and thus also spike the interest of more to join.   This influx in players - as the game receives new content, will hopefully also then stay afterwards if the balance between the different factions isn’t so one-sided, offering everyone more gameplay.  Access to gear/crafters/harvesting groups… etc.


The big “why”?!?

So in an attempt to breathe some life back into the EU server, several of the guilds have joined up and started talking about which faction they will take, which at this time is all up in the air. 

This is done to balance the amount of organized players on the different factions, as well as numbers.


What to do?!

Presently 4-5 guilds are presented, all EU based.  If you are a leader of a group/guild please toss a message our way, so you can be included in making this possible.

Through Discord :

  •           Prom#5145
  •           Metauriel#4156
  •           DravoiX#6445
  •           Rhana#1673
  •          [CAL] Soulreaver#1118


In advance:


Regards :

       A small gathering representing the EU guilds.

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