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Hi @ThyDarkeZt29 right now the game is in Pre Alpha, there is no release date mentioned so far. The goal of the team is to make a good game and not just meet deadlines to meet deadlines. Things progress, change and are being adjusted as we move further. I'm sorry that I can't give you more of a straight answer at this point.


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On 6.11.2018 at 8:30 AM, ThyDarkeZt29 said:

When will this game be released?

Never ask one of the developers or publishers about a release date. ;)

We are currently in Pre-Alpha 5.7, with 5.8 (first winnable campaign) waiting at the door. In Crowfall Pre-Alpha means that we are in more technically oriented testing of specific parts of the later game (so, no full game loop yet). There's not much (but some) parts still to be added before we can proceed into Alpha -- and by this being able to get the complete game feeling for the first time. A reasonable expectation for this could be late spring/early summer 2019. With some rounds of erasing bugs following before proceeding to beta (finetuning) later on next year.

So, in my current opinion, best guess would probably be somewhen end 2019.

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