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Who can get me caught up on everything!

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Hey there. New to the game but I've been following it a little bit. I've been more focused on Ashes of Creation but Crowfall has also caught my interest and I hadn't kept up with everything so I'm kinda diving right in the middle again. So what resources out there can get me caught up with everything?

  • Like release date
  • classes/mechanics
  • cost of the game (Is there P2W? is it box cost/sub etc?)
  • content creators that dive into depth about the game
  • is there a progression map to show where crowfall has started and where it's at right now?
  • History and concept of the game?

Time for people who have been following for awhile to shine and point me in the right directions to get caught up on everything!

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Crowfall is easily 2 years ahead of Ashes which has just reached it BR milestone that we knew as Hungerdome at the end of 2015.   We expect to be in true Alpha in March, Beta by May/June.   Soft Launch Q3...  advertising push Q4.   In other words Launch is getting more and more certain for 2019.

There 41 unique combos of races and classes in Crowfall plus disciplines that can significantly alter your build.  Very like Shadowbane. it had 172.

The game is Buy to Play $50 lifetime with a no combat power advantage ViP ($15/mo sub) gives you wider breadth of core training but not any direct advantages (no double dipping), world queue priority, more?.
Crowfall will not have any P2W, no lootbox, microtransactions, etc...   everything available for sale is obtainable in game.

Be sure to watch all of the in game videos, some excellent content summaries are out there as well as very dated material and the inevitable haters (Ziz, lol)
Look at Zybak's content, Anthrage's Bloody Point and more plus lots of the latest combat vids from Soulein, Xarrane, and more...

There are videos published from, you can search these terms to see progress
Hungerdome Combat 1st Pass (12/15)
Siege Perilous Sieges First Pass (4/16)
Big World 3 Harvesting/Crafting First Pass (10/6)
The Big Reveal of Vessels (12/16)
Big World 4 Combat Second Pass/(1/17)
The Great Reveal - Race/Class Split /(5/17)
Big World 5 (6/17)
Big World 5.3 Milestone implementation of Race/Class Split (11/17)
Big World 5.4 Harvesting/Crafting 2nd Pass (2/18)
Big World 5.5 Adventure Zones/Vendors (4/18)
Big World 5.6 Vassels/EK update (5/18)
Big World 5.7 Day-Night cycle/Hunger Crystals/Seasons/Outposts/Runegates (8/18 current)
Big World 5.8 Campaign Win Conditions/Multi Maps (expected 12/18)
Big World 5.9 Guild Support/GvG Campaigns (expected 2/19)
Alpha 6.0 (expected 4/19)

Edited by Frykka


                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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Hey there,

This is a pretty broad topic, but here are a few resources to get caught up:

First, check out the game's website itself, Crowfall.com.  Look under the Game tab for Crows (Races and classes) as well as the faq.  This will probably answer a lot of questions you may have about the game.

You'll also want to have a look at the game's Youtube page.  They've uploaded hundreds of videos there over the last three years about the game including tutorials, development updates, and q&a's.  This is also where you can find the original Kickstarter video.  The game has changed a lot since then, but it'll give you an idea of the developers' vision of the game as a whole. 

Here's a community-made timeline (CFC).  It's a little out of date now regarding more recent milestones, but it's still a great look at how earlier development progressed.

Finally, I always recommend people check out the community-made gameplay videos, as they're the best representation of what players are doing in-game today. Here's a recent one from Soulein of HoA that involved all three factions in one extended engagement.


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The crowfall site has a series that goes over each class and its base powers...   for the disciplines you have to play with them or get with an experienced player to show you the good builds and the rotations...   


                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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