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“Stories from the Front” contributors wanted


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We are looking to create a series that will debut alongside the release of 5.8: First Campaign. “Stories from the Front" will be a daily report that chronicles the status of the Campaign and will be hosted on the Official Crowfall Twitch channel.

We’re looking for volunteer correspondents, players interested in sharing highlights from their guilds or factions. The plans are still very much in the planning process and we’d love to hear your creative ideas about the type of content you’d like to contribute such as podcasts, blogs, livestreams, gifs or any other approach that you think the community would like to see.

Our goal is to have a schedule of who and what will go live during that first week or two as the Campaign kicks off. With your participation, it could become an ongoing thing. And that would be awesome.

So, how about it? Let’s roll!

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That's really a nice idea. Love it.

And though of course i can understand the "why-this--way", the problem for me personally is that the date is completely open. Could be next week, next month, next year. Maybe (or surely) a lot of other people are more flexible than I am when it comes to the question when they do have (how much) spare time left over to do this or that. For me it varies tremendously depending on the "when".

However, love it. Hope a lot of people will apply to this and show the power of crows to the masses outside. :)

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Well as theory is still paddeling... i had much time to think about what could a daily report be like. First problem i got was missing the whole content we could work with (got into the game about 2 months ago). so i went to youtube and watched all released q&a`s in order of releasedate and other interesting sounding vids there. another part was the lore, but which impact will the panteon have? So before getting more into it I will need much more input... soon to come.

General Question

Will it be more like an esports broadcast in modern style or will you go more the roleplaying/storytelling way? I would have far more ideas on the second way...

communitythoughts? devthoughts?

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I would really love  to create relevant content for Crowfal, like instructive guides or even war reportsl As a new player I know the importance of a good content and relevant, and the positive impacts that those actions have on bringing fresh players to the community.

Since Crowfall Community is very supported me and so many other new comers, I don't think create a enganing and relevant content for you main target would be an issue. Just let the people engaged in the project know what kind of content does Artcraft need from them and we will do it =D.

You could even take advantage of your global community and allocate the streams in local prime times with a more local cultural friendly approach. Think globally act locally.

I'm looking foward to see the new content created by our this incredible community. I'm pretty sure this action will keep the engine and going for a while. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask =D

Good job guys =D. Keep it up. 

Cheers =D

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