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Unlocking crafting recipes through puzzles?

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I heard they were going to implement crafting recipes as drops?

Hopefully not all will be drops.

Anyway I had the idea that maybe you could hide some recipes through "puzzles", such as the user had to sacrifice items in a certain order, like..

1: 5 spider teeth

2: 20 Iron ore

3: 10 first aids

4: Surging Spirit minor discipline(drop from spider queen)

That would unlock a particular crafting recipe.

Or put recipes in chests in weird places with jumping puzzles out in the campaign.

Or capture ☓ amount of enemy objectives to unlock something. 

This is just so not everything is through 1 monster, or gated behind time.



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I agree.

If ACE gets creative about certain recipes, super-rare resources, and artifacts; they can have fun with it and so will we.

I think they should wrap this stuff into the game lore in multiple ways. That way the scarcity/availability of these things makes some sense, and players can get hints (and red herrings) from the lore.

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There are certainly different ways recipes can be handed out, though I don't think I would enjoy it if it where based on sacrificing a set number of items in specific order. There are far too many things that can be sacrificed, and thus, far too many combinations. Finding just the right combination for any particular recipe would be incredibly tedious. And once a recipe is found, the combination needed to get it would eventually end up online and then it's just a matter of looking it up.

The sacrifice system can be used, but it should be less random. Maybe each god gives out different recipes and you have to gain a certain amount of favor with a god to get that recipe. Some gods work against others, so sacrificing to D'Orion for example might earn you disfavor with Malekai. Yeah, it's a basic reputation system, but I don't see a reason to re-invent the wheel here. The goal should be to give players things they can actively work toward and having recipes giving out through sacrifice makes the sacrifice system useful beyond just leveling vessels.

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