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5.8 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 11/20-23

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2 hours ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

How long did that take?  Server's were not up for very long, so what was the in game time spent?  

If you were a first time player, maybe the initial experience of going through the mechanics of combat basics and choosing your talent path would be valuable to you.


They still won't be taught anything meaningful that relates to what the actual point of the game is, ie. fighting players. Killing mobs and hitting rocks does not translate to fighting players effectively.


This accomplishes nothing but give bullsht work for people who lack the imagination or intelligence to figure out how to play the "real" game, ie. fight other players in groups, while simultaneously wasting the time of all the people who have enough brain cells to rub together to understand what is realistically very simple sht.

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First time logging in(Alpha 2) and went to my EK and no sound. I logged out and back in and still no sound. When I logged back in, I had a pick in my hand and when I targeted ore, it would not strike. I had to switch to another tool and go back before it would hit the ore. 

I had to completely restart my computer and I got sound. I had sound n my computer, just not in the game-but it's good now!

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I noticed that most of the critical hits when harvesting and hitting a weak spot did not show damage amount. It was also sporadic if you used the 5 pip power. I get 88 basic damage per swing. Occasionally with 5 pips, it would show hitting for 127 on one or each of the next two swings. Many times it wouldn't show it on either. When I had the 5 pips and hit a weak spot, it never showed the amount of damage. 

Also, I am not sure if this is a bug, but when I was out of the campaign(Tyrant closed the test down), it showed my rank in the character selection as rank 1, even though I made it to rank 11. 

Overall, it feels awesome! The graphics look great, the new music is very cool, I like the talent system so far-very impressed, ArtCraft!!


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Lost only some attached equipment on unlock as expected. Left me with my dagger on the left side of the rag doll, but took my right.

Always seem to start in a new world with 40GP and two apples, even if I have moved both to my spirit bank previously.

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  • This Video https://youtu.be/K6ekahv57SI shows a couple things.
    • About a 12 person fight inside of a fort with a BUNCH of messages going off due to the whirlwinds. I have a pretty solid rig (1080ti, i7 8700k, 16gb ram, m2 ssd) and I was running very high graphic settings and was in the 30-40 FPS range in the thick of the battle.
    • If you die and don't own any respawn points in that zone it will respawn you in the beach head. If you then use the temple to tow truck you come back to life as a crow but are unable to attack. Relogging fixes this. 
    • When you die, all of your disciplines get unequipped and go to your inventory
  • The Myrmidon Talent unstoppable vengeance doesn't work. It's supposed to make Vengeance a CC break and make you immune to CC and it does not. I tested it in an EK and a druid shroud of darkness was able to stun me. Also tested it with knight stun and knockdown. 
    • FWIW, the impenetrable storm talent does in fact make you immune to CC. 
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As a few notes on character customization:
-Overall, more color options for hair on the elken would be nice. Cool we have some antelope skins, but need some more variety (specifically a solid white base color) so we could make some Gemsbok/white deer style elkens.
-Centaurs should have horse body color+hair color separated (same for the fae wings)
-Also we just need some prettier faces all around. Lots of characters with big cheekbones and beady eyes but not a lot of nice clean hero faces.
-Nethari need goatees so they can match that original concept art for them
-Longer hair for the humanoid females would be greatly appreciated.
-Giants need certain parts of their chest colored in if you know what I mean.
-Obviously just more faces/hair styles/etc. all around, but I'm sure that will come with time.

Really good job as a first pass though for ACE so two thumbs up here

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Druid balls are really buggy blowing them up is as well. The 200% bonus on thorns kinda sucks tbh. I feel like that talent needs to be replaced with something else 


Avatars fatigue from arch druid is supposed to only apply to the group members but it's also applying to myself which makes the buff a 5 minute cooldown. 

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November 23, 2018

  • Sockets on EK walls appear to break when you raise them above a certain height. I couldn't socket another wall if it had been raised to another raised wall
    • Whatever the threshold for the "Building too far below terrain" error is, it's way too low. I can barely sink buildings before that error goes off (This also makes the workaround of lowering walls to socket panels unusable)
  • Minotaur Ranger did have dual wield animations, so it's just one handed they don't have animations for
    • The dual wield LMB didn't chain well when striking air, but was fine when hitting something
    • Bull Rush doesn't pull enemies...
    • Ranger Stealth feels reeeaaaly slow compared to in combat speed
    • Minotaur actually had Stealth and Ambush animations, color me surprised :o
  • Intermediate Bows and Arrows cannot be crafted at General Crafting Stations
  • The Temple only had Temp textures on it
    • Who's the fourth god in the temple? I recognize Yaga, Arkon, and Illara, but none of the gods are depicted wielding a battleaxe. The beard makes me think Kane, but he uses a hammer....
  • Deadwood drops Knotwood; probably intended, but just wanted to make that known
  • Minotaurs and Guineceans have Intermediate Armor! Huzzah! :D
    • Minotaur's Intermediate Armor looks especially cool!
  • Mounts were cool, really speed up travel. Can't wait to see Half-Giants and Minotaurs riding Pack Pigs :D
    • The mount power doesn't dismount you, you either need to recast and interrupt the power, or F something to dismount
      • Harvesting or leaving the Survival Tray should also dismount you (You can't change trays while mounted, but this will lead to unfun encounters, especially with the dizzy down mechainc)
    • You can't jump while mounted, plz fix.
    • As an aside, pets when?
  • Are roaming mobs in, like the Urgu or Centaurs? Didn't see them (though I didn't explore much)
    • I also didn't see a Bog Bear. Are those also not in, or am I not adventurous enough?
  • Sometimes spider corpses would teleport to another location, and when you went to interact with it, it would become a physical object and would be pushed by your body. Was very creepy
  • Objectives should be held by a hostile mob faction (or Zombies) until a player faction takes or decaps it. Way too easy to just take neutral objectives at campaign start.
  • There's no moon at night. WTB broken moon!
  • Various powers not having vfx makes it hard to see where they are
    • AoEs don't thunk (was that the technical term?) inside forts
  • Performance was good on my potato, though there were still freezes happening here an there, but thankfully they didn't last long (My standards for good might also be far below the average gamer's)
  • I'd very much like it if mobs gave experience past level 11. Rank 1-3/4 mobs can probably stop giving experience there, but Rank 5-10 mobs should definitely be giving experience up to max level
    • I'd also like it if harvesting, crafting and capturing objectives gave experience too. Rank 1-3/4 resources can probably stop giving experience around level 11, same with Uncommon and Common crafts, but they should def give experience
  • The Trailblazer passive (specifically the one from the Way of the Trails passive) doesn't put the character into a sprint animation like it does for characters with it for a racial
  • Are hit pauses still a thing? They weren't noticeable on Minotaur Ranger, at least
  • Hunger Crystals drain Chicken tickers waaaaaaaaaaaaay too quickly. I'd rather they just continuously pulse damage (like the banewood trees) and slow than steal my food!
    • A few too may Hunger Crystals in the tutorial area, imo
    • The snow shader was neat btw
      • Weather effects when? :P
  • Resources and outposts don't show up on the new map. New cartography skill? ;)
  • Guild banners don't show up when taking objectives, or did I read something wrong?
  • Got stuck on a loading screen once when walking through it while on a mount. Only happened that one time though.
  • Vessels are locked to an EK and can't join others if they've already visited one.
  • Some vfx appear blocky/square-y on basic graphics, most notably the Energetic Harvesting buffs and the Fae dodge
  • The sfx for golden apples was loud and surprising. There was no warning to it at all, just very spontaneous.
  • Items on vendors cost waaay too much for what they're selling. It's order of magnitudes quicker farming the mats than buying from a vendor.
  • There're no target dummies in the temple. The little area below the runegates would be good as a temporary solution.
  • The Aurochs looked awesome, can't wait to fight more of them.
  • The cluster map didn't load for me, only the map for whatever zone I was in
  • After unlocking my vessel from the EU campaign (where he was balance) and joining the East campaign (which I had not played), I was auto joined to balance, instead of being promted on which faction to join
    • Re-unlocking the vessel fixed this
    • Unlocking a vessel doesn't destroy the inventory, instead it takes the inventory to the next world
  • Might want to consider longer hairstyles having their own bone structures so that they behave more like actual hair behaves (i.e. they don't stick to the body)
  • No sfx when logging or mining. Sounds like you're hitting air/grass. Sound is there for quarrying.

Thanks for the double snap tests! Can't wait for more next week! :D

Edited by coolster50

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11 hours ago, DravoiX said:

Woodworking has directly the Composite Reflex bow unlocked

And this doesn't look like an intermediate weapon...   granted it takes 50+ hours into leatherworking to craft the bow string.

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Archers Stake and upgraded Treants Wood Stake have no ground effect or object; seems like a goal is to reduce AOE bloom/ground clutter as many archer powers like flare do not leave a ground effect any longer.  I suspect the mechanic works at the correct radius and the aiming reticle is there.  I may not need the ground effect circle but I do need to know the center of it by the stakes.

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16 hours ago, Helix said:


  • With no spirit healing feels completely insignificant in comparison to your base health. I can barely even notice my or others health moving when using tend wounds. Healing needs better early level scaling if it's to matter at all.

clerics/druid no longer get the free +750 support power. [not in patch notes ofc]

i wonder if surging spirit for melee is still in? ;p

my wisps and lmb orbs when i got them were VERY low powered.

bard hp regen song still has many design issues regarding slotting and food debuff  turning it off for you and group and its general +values. make it a real heal over time and not a +regen and allow it to be slot on survival tray already

[couldnt see flytext for orb heals or barkskin thorns damage]

knocked down etc flytext is still giant!

barkskin thorns damage is also not hitting until the barrier breaks despite the patch note indicating it should deal the damage when barrier still up. no idea how much damage it does. not much from what i saw without values vs boars.

as a druid if i unequip the druid Q power i was unable to reslot it.

it seems silly in the starting area that once you take the mini runegate to your 'main temple' you can't go back to that starting area - which had the campfires etc

i did not see any campfires in the 'main temple' and it is a hard place to get any food or other resources without running out a bunch 

still issues with ground target powers on elevated areas  - e.g. trying to use druid lmb orbs in the temple 'boar area' etc

druid gaea's wail is still a terrible projectile that just misses for no reason. please turn it into a raycast all ready.

r1 monsters feel trivially weaker than previous versions and their AI is still trivial to overcome too with no roaming either

Edited by Tinnis

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Assassin : 

Have to get around level 9 to gain Stealth!??!  Whyyyy?

Not only that but NOT being able to stealth means : Their Ulti : What's the point of it?  You get a sec or two immunity and an AoE blind but you loose the -real- reason for using it : Going to stealth.

Feels very broken.

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12 hours ago, Yumx said:

I don't know if I like the requirements on certain talent stages, like "need 15 points spent", I can work with it, but would rather having the ability to really customize.


One thought; do new players know that they HAVE to sacrifice things to go from lvl 11-30 ?
I don't think anything points towards it, and it's kind of weird that you can't level on higher rank monsters all the way.

yea the "need to have spend X points" at various stages of the tree threw me and does limit 'the choices' and flow somewhat [not worked it out in depth too much at this point]

and yea new players won't see 'why' the level 11 cut off happens.

also the rank 1 monsters are trivially low hp to kill for exp......compare that to killing an r10 presumably - but no exp scaling?

also: killing monster exp can be done as a group

but sacrifice farming gold/resources is far more 'solo'

so other suggestions to make the monster exp thresholds based on monster rank might work. 

also needs to be an in game description of the sacrifice thresholds [e.g. currently based on item quality to tell people what quality they need at what level]


Edited by Tinnis

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early druid level flow:

level 1 - sacrifice and spark only. to fill up your essence [only to 79% allowed not 100%] will cost you 80% of your maximum life. i hope you enjoy making and using bandages. tough luck if farming boars in the temple miles from any trees. or food/campfires [why none in the temple and you can't travel back to first area that had them?] as food regen turning off will also be painful for this set up.

first unlock: faerie flames. while this is a good spell for pvp support it literally does *nothing* for a 'solo' druid who is trying to say level exp. just a large waste of essence from their still limited hp based pool. will definitely be a 'noob trap'.

next unlocks of heal tray and lmb orbs - currently heal pitiful amounts [did not even see values - tooltips likely ~35 green, ~80 yellow] but at least grant us proper resource mechanics. next unlock of will o wisp currently woefully heals only like ~115 hp. next unlock of gaea's wail still cannot hit anything ever after its slow rooted channel. the AoE bounce is also very limited on the range and angles at which it will trigger.

Edited by Tinnis

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My experience from this snap test.

EK Stuff:
When I first got on, before the snap test started, I was invited to a friend's EK.  I was able to go there just fine on Character 1.  But then, after leaving that friend's EK, I tried to enter my own EK with Character 1.  This just loaded me back into my friend's EK.
In order to fix this issue somewhat, I had to create a new toon, Character 2.  Character 2 could successfully launch and enter into my own EK, but when I tried  to then load Character 2 into my friend's EK it just loaded me back into my own EK.

Campaign Stuff:
1. Once I entered the campaign newbie island/shard I made my treck to the temple.  Once I had done everything I needed to do there, I went to the middle rune gate and entered.  Everytime I entered the middle rune gate, the initial load would go on forever and I would have to quit Crowfall and relaunch it.  Once I did that, I would load into the main campaign shard without issue.  But this happened everytime I would try to load into the main campaign shard from the middle rune gate.  I did not try the other two rune gates.

2. In the campaign I played a Champion.  Everything was very smooth until I started combat with some mobs.  It was a little jerky and did not feel fluid.  It was not near as bad or anything like the assassin screen shake video in the other post, but it just did not feel smooth.

3. Once the last campaign ended and my Champion was sent back to the menu screen, I unlocked my Champion from the campaign.  Once I had done that, his name changed to "VeryVeryLongName" and I was able to fix this by restarting the client.  Once that was done, I tried to enter my EK and my friend's EK and my Champion could not enter either of them.  I am thinking this is similar to the issue I experienced with the EKs that I mentioned above.  I think it is probably trying to load my character back into the first and only instance it has been in, which in this case is the campaign world, which is no longer available.  So it can't load anything.

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