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5.8 Known Issues

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5.8 Known Issues List

Showstoppers and Blockers:

  • Reworking class powers. Class powers may not show flytext, fx, or display sfx when using them. Please report the issues you find, but know we are actively working on this.
  • Season widget is showing incorrectly. However, the buffs/debuffs should still be applying properly. 
  • Removing armor and health benefit stats while in the death shroud state may cause your character to lose all their health resulting in another death. 
  • Disconnects are still currently being investigated. If you run into any connection issues please email support@crowfall.com with an attached client log. 

General :

  • Many of the tutorial tips in the new player experience area are still in flux. If there is confusion or errors, please report them.
  • Cooking stations, skinning, and other interactions in the game may have localization errors.
  • One handed focus orb is invisible when you equip it.
  • Harvesting weak point on various skinning creatures may appear off. 
  • Entering a Catapult while in stealth can cause vessels to become stuck.
  • Harvesting may feel inconsistent, we are investigating this.
  • Skill granted crafting recipes are not being granted properly, please us the crafting disciplines to gain these recipes. 

Campaign :

  • Some assets in the world are missing the fire FX.
  • Running around at the bottom of the cliff edges may cause your client to crash. Try to avoid going down to the bottom of the world by the cliff edges.
  • There are a few areas in the game that players can get stuck between rocks.
  • Siege Scoreboard may not be indicating the correct number of captured keeps.
  • Observers may not be able to see siege projectiles.
  • Newly created characters may spawn at the top of the Cairn.


  • Some runic weapon components can be assembled in the advanced weapons recipes but cannot be used in creating advanced weapons. 

Eternal Kingdom :

  • The EK editor may not load correctly in some cases. Please close the EK editor and reopen it to resolve the issue.
  • You cannot switch servers in the EK. You are locked to the one it automatically uses. 
  • Toggling PvP while in your EK will turn other players invisible.
  • Moving parcel around with your cairn on it may cause your cairn to disappear. Avoid moving parcels around while your cairn is out.
  • Switching characters in the EK may cause issues if you have previously placed parcels in that EK but with a different character.

User Interface :

  • Entering and then leaving the lobby map may cause ui elements to disappear. Logging out and then back in will fix this error.
  • Leaving character customization without any characters created will cause UI elements to stick to your screen. Log out and back in to fix this error.
  • Closing the crafting tab while searching may cause the crafting window to appear empty. Log out and back in to fix this issue.

Chat :

  • Chat tab functionality will break when the chat window is minimized. Relogging will fix this issue.
  • Logging out of a campaign with a group created will cause the chat tab not to disappear. Fully relogging out of the game will fix this issue.
  • Some messages in chat may appear to be doubled

Powers :

  • Many powers are missing their fx, sfx, and flytext. We are currently working on improving and updating many of the class powers. Please report the issues, but know we are working diligently on getting them working properly.
  • Druid Blight Orb timing is incorrect. It still functions correctly, but the visuals are out of sync. 
  • HoTs and DoTs do not display flytext or show up in the combat log, but they are functioning.

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