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Group Harvesting 101 - Official discussion thread

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Community member article.

I need to say ... i LOVE it. The whole idea of it. The content. The realisation. The time to do it may not be perfect though (hello? 5.8??? ;) ) but who cares.

Thanks to ACE and Anhrez. Very good job. Thanks.

Edited by Kraahk

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Thank you for all the effort you've put into this Anhrez, as always.
I'm honestly looking forward to never learn any of this but I'll watch out the ass of the skilled harvesters that can handle it properly and keep the ill-intentioned ones at bay. Hopefully I'll get some sort of discount :D

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16 hours ago, IdefixCZ said:

Is it so that for a motherload only group leader's stats will matter for plentiful harvest? Is then a guy like me who only focuses on combat gonna be useful? 

Yep, the motherlodes uses the stat of the person who did the most damage. So yeah, you can be a 'grunt' (ugh) and just be there to speed things up and add damage.

IMHO motherloads should take the stats from everyone involved but this is old talk and most likely things wont ever change. Being a 'grunt' is beneath me and I really dislike the concept of it but so be it...

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