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Store front page color scheme and arrangement

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So, I was looking at the store to see how much I would have to put aside when buying my PC (finally!) and saw the color scheme and arrangeament of the items are kinda confusing.

Screenshot. (Zoomed out a bit)


As shown above the white font on white(-ish) background makes things really hard to see. I reccomend creating a container to show what is selected; This would get rid of the white background and would avoid confusion.

Talking about confusion I don't think the buy button should be upthere. It doesn't flow well since our focus go: hover above, look down and read the package contents, search for buy button, 'Oh, it's up there!', focus goes back up. And, since my screen is small, I had to actually scroll back up looking for the price. Oh yeah, the price too should be copied down if the button is moved, for clarity.

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