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5.8 snap tests Sat & Sun: Welcome Beta 1 test group!

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We're pleased to welcome the Beta 1 test group to testing for Pre-Alpha 5.8: First Campaign! The Pre-Alpha 1 though Alpha 3 test groups have already been participating. 

This weekend -- Dec. 1 & 2 -- we are planning TWO snap test sessions per day. We would like to get a few hundred people to participate in each test window this weekend so that we can gather important data about server scaling.

If you haven't played Crowfall in a while, this is a great time to check it out again. Our latest milestone, Pre-Alpha 5.8: First Campaign, is on TEST now, and it is feeling more and more like the game we set out to create.

Sessions for Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2, 2018

  • 12 PM (noon) CST until 3 PM CST: EU server
  • 7 PM CST -10 PM CST: US EAST server

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Important information at a glance: 

  • Download the latest TEST build HERE .
  • Both EU and US EAST will have fresh Campaigns.
  • The Crowfall servers are not region-locked, so all Crows from the active test groups may play on any server that is open on TEST.
  • Weapons racks are located by every runegate in the Campaign so that you can equip and level up more quickly.

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