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Greetings Crowfall.

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Hi everyone.


It's been a long time since I made an introduction post on a forum. I will keep it somewhat brief.


I'm  35 and I come from New Zealand. I have been gaming on and off since around the time of having my Amiga 500 in the early 90's. My first foray into mmorpgs was a failed attempt at trying to get into Meridian 59. Unfortunately I never was able to connect due to an extremely poor dialup connection . Fast forward a few years and I found Shadowbane. And probably like many of you here I don't really have an mmo to call home at this point. So I guess lately I am not really even a gamer.


I feel rather burnt out from the genre. I want a game that encourages a strong community both strong alliances and wicked enemies you loathe! ( Thinks back to Lineage 2 pre Goddess). Nothing worse than being spending most of your game time in an mmo "soloing“


I don't know if Crowfall is going to be for me. But I will be following it very closely. I hope this community is going to be different. I hope I can make some friends here also :)


Thanks for reading



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Nice to meet you!  I think we're all sort of wandering, waiting for the game that really delivers the satisfaction and immersion and strategy we all want.  Welcome to the boards!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Seventhbeacon ! Really glad to be here :)

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Must, resist, making, sheep, joke...


Do you follow the Rugby at all m8? Been a while since Ireland has played the All Blacks - you's always seem to slaughter us ;)


Welcome to Crowfall man, I hope this game is what you're looking for.

Thank you for the welcome.


It's been about literally 20 years since I followed the Rugby. I really don't follow it at all anymore


And time will tell if this is the game we've been looking for. I'm not allowing myself to have expectations or hype. That always most certainly leads to disappointment .

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