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Regarding the optimization of the game

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Hi guys, i’ve been testing the game since 2 years, and i’ve recently talk to the community of Camelot Unchained, if Crowfall seems to be more interesting in my mind, the question about how well the game will run is still really important. In fact CU got the chance to have a hand-crafted engine design for huge battle that RvR create.

BUT Crowfall runs on Unity and it’s a pre built engine, so it will be harder to optimize it for the purpose of the game. 

How will the game handle 100vs100vs100 fights ? For a game like Crowfall, if we don’t have 45-60 FPS minimum it Willy be really hard to play to it’s full potential the game. 

Did the dev adress any answer about this ? 

Thanks for the answer, ACE keep the great work ! 

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Not to sound like a broken record, but we don't know yet.  As best I can tell, crowfall is ahead in development, so you're ultimately trying to compare the hopes and dreams of one title with the actual performance of another.  Optimization is one of the latter things to develop, so how much optimization potential is left, we are not aware.  There have been some material improvements in 5.8, the full extent of which are presently unknown. 

At the moment, a 50 player battle isn't completely out of the question....  however, I won't hold my breath for crowfall (or any other major, new mmorpg) hitting the 300 mark.  I don't think the developers of crowfall have ever really specified these targets, but I would be shocked if the game can hit 300 players in a single locale @ 45 FPS minimum with current average hardware at 1080 or greater resolution.  In fact, a substantial portion of the new content has been directed away from the large single battle scenario, e.g. outposts, camps, campaign islands, separation of beachhead from campaign proper, distributed resources/POI, etc.  This suggests to me that they have a good idea of what potential yields are available from optimization. 

What the final numbers end up being is anyone's guess, but if I had to bet on the over/under of 300, I'll take the under.  However, 300 users in a single battle is not something that this game needs to live up to in order for all aspects of the developers' (and I think the vast majority of the player base's) vision.

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