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Crowfall Battle Rager Myrmidon MADNESS!


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Showing off how crazy the Myrmidon can be in the right situations and what the tank role actually does in this game. Really looking forward to mastering this class!

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I also tested some myrmi builds and while trying to make some decent build become to conclusion what best in all aspects (solo + group + farm + gank) still vanilla myrmi (battle rager) + HG race + Juggernaut + other random discs you like.

This mean what ACE are cut off main DPS futures from LMB but brings us new mechanics. Now core future for myrmidon - stack HP and armor, dmg mitigations and bring as much as you can % of HP regen. what's it.

buff +HP, get inside, whirlwind, get CC -> regen self. repeat. Crash damage is not a problem with this things. Still HG will be best but now you can chose for example, also Stoneborn

Conq can be also ok but only for really massive pvp. Not so cute survivability, but aoe CC and immunes. Do not sure about races with CC immune and no synergy with Juggernault.

I do not understand current realisation Frenzy build. Useless imo. May be later.


Ofc there are a lot of bugs (Cooldowns for rage skills for example) and questions about mechanics.

Btw I liked new Colossus Smash - new gap closer with stun. I did not like gore combo coz it is even worst now due slowest animation ever and low damage.

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crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

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Im curious on how the knights classes will handle thats one i wanna test when i get in, i just dont realy wanna download the test of a test server so im patiently waiting for it to come onto the live servers

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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