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The March to First Campaign - Official Discussion Thread

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You guys need to realize that you're not going to get a critical mass of testers to iron out campaign ruleset intricacies until you can assure players that the rewards for the campaigns aren't going to be wiped in a surprise wipe three days later.

Campaigns are HUGELY important but you're still not finished resetting and resetting and resetting and changing progression and crafting systems. My guild really REALLY wants to love crowfall, and really wants to play crowfall, but the constant constant constant wiping just makes it feel hollow and pointless so we keep waiting until its in a state that is more stable and feels like a better investment of our time. Those wipes are necessary, I get it, but you're really jumping the gun with this talk of "official" campaigns. Not to mention isn't this "official" campaign still technically in alpha, in a state where rewards from said campaign will be wiped before launch anyway? Isn't the entire mechanism for campaign rewards still largely undecided? Isn't there still yet another major overhaul on character customization via discs on the table? Isn't your game still missing a class?

This is like when you started asking for guild spotlight submissions. Its premature. It looks good on a press release but its putting the cart before the horse. Also we don't have horses. Or carts. Those are pretty important to campaign balance. The game is not in a state to call anything "official" because it isn't. You are still at pass two of a possible 3 on crafting. Still at pass 2.5 of a possible 3 or 4 on character advancement. Still at pass 2 of 3 on AI.

Crowfall has come far but it simply isn't ready to have "official" campaigns at this juncture. Nobody cares about campaign rewards when you keep wiping them, and until you can guarantee "there will be no more progress wipes until launch" you're going to have a hard time reaching critical testing mass because nobody wants to grind just to get wiped over and over and over without warning and without any form of permanent reward for it.

We're HAPPY the game is finally getting to a near complete loop but you can't possibly fine tune a campaign system when so many of its fundaments are missing or subject to change and so many of your testers aren't logging in because they're waiting for a more stable release with less frequent wipes.

Until you've reached a permanent, release-ready version of crafting, characters, and AI, there is no way to accurately gauge the design balance or scoring metrics of your campaign system, just the underlying software functions.

Stop it with the runaway hype already. No part of this game is prepared to be called 'official' or recorded forever for posterity, despite how far along it has come.


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