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Which Archetype Do You Currently Like The Most ?

Favorite archetype  

652 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite archetype ?

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Frostweaver - I'm attracted to cold hearted bitches.

just a friendly note to those concerned...   arguing about each other's language skills, while it can be Fun at times....is a bit out of place in this kind of Thread, take it to Private Messages, im

If you want, I can give you some build ideas for your Board Warrior. Most of us have picked the Dark Forumer (melee dps) promotion class already. White Knight (tank) and Brown Noser (specialist) were

Assassin for me if stealth works how I want it to. I like soloing and exploring so having as many escape buttons and detection avoidance abilities as possible is important to me. If stealth doesn't really work then I'd pick cent for a quick escape.

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ranger is currently crushing it..


I'm only half surprised, but what's really surprising me is that Stalker is in mid range and Legionnaire near the bottom of the list.

What sold Ranger for me was the superb backstory and the specialist designation. I'm hoping for a role that sacrifices a little damage for some interesting utility, like traps, or better survivability. I think the mask on the icon implies stealth.

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Can't vote yet... too little info and I have like 3 archetypes that I'm interested in.  Templar (see how the Fury branch is), Ranger, Confessor


Whatever one I can create a badass short hair female with a whole lotta spunk :3c

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