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Which Archetype Do You Currently Like The Most ?

Favorite archetype  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite archetype ?

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While I'm excited for the frostweaver and duelist, I had to give the templar some love. Anyone else see Fury as a promotion class? Here's hoping it is magic-based like in SB, but with more spear viability. Which, given that the base archetype is melee, is probably likely.


Note: I do realize that info gathered from screenshots is highly subject to change. I still hope it makes it through the development process, though. I've always been a fan of magic/melee hybrids.


I think it would be pretty sweet too.

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I'm leaning towards the Myrmidon or the Stalker right now. I think the stalker will most likely end up being the anti-stealth character which sounds badass, and I'm hoping Myrmidon will have a promotion class that just uses their fists, horns, and mass to beat up their enemies, like a bruiser. It will be so metal. I'll make a PvP video of me beating the crap out of people with Meshuggah or something in the background.


Here's hoping I'll be able to do stuff like this.

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ASSASSIN!!!!! Im glad that almost all the classes are kinda even. 


Nothing would be worse then 1000000 (insert class here) and no other classes.

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