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Which Archetype Do You Currently Like The Most ?

Favorite archetype  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite archetype ?

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welll templar caught my eye :) tank with greatsword e.t.c. damage dealer and cool full plate armor :) its going to be fun !! also frostweaver seems pretty nice :D  we have 2 more i think so we will w8 and see :) and also i am gonna try all the archtypes in beta !!!! so i can Senciriously( :D i used it !!!) decide which one fits my playstyle best !!

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The same, i think i would go ranger right now, but i have improtant doubts between him and stalker.


In addition, i like to play characters with low popularity so i maybe decide to play another archetype (legionnaire, forgemaster, knight)

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No matter what game I play, I always end up with a ranged DPS. 

At the moment I am torn between confessor, frostweaver and the druid.


Ow, the Rangers also sounds kinda fun!

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Self diagnosed recovering mmo addict

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