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Ashes of Creation Apocalypse open beta

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Technically, Ashes of Creation is in pre-Alpha for KS backers, but they are releasing Apocalypse sort of as a game itself but also to test for the MMORPG. "This arena of castle sieges, battle royale, and horde helps us test key systems and infrastructure during the development of our MMORPG. We cannot wait to see you in game! ❤️"

Open Beta starts December 18th. I have been following this game since a month or two after KS(a little too late lol). Anyone else been following this/interested in it's development?



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Not really sure. I know that this is technically separate from the MMORPG, but they will introoduce new elements of the MMORPG into this for testing purposes. This game/beta gives them pvp and other data to help build the MMORPG, but there is a youtube video where the beta is introduced that says that this will stand on it's own at least for the time being.  Playing the beta can also earn skins and things towards the MMORPG.

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It's free. They are as anti-PTW as ArtCraft is that I've seen. There is an under 10 minute youtube video on it by the developers that explains it far better than I can.  I would never endorse or suggest something PTW.

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it plays like and is a battle royale shooter like fortnite and is a separate 'game' to the mmorpg both literally and in terms of actual gameplay etc

currently only has battle royale mode, a 'castle siege' should arrive in end of January+ and a 'horde mode' [PvE co op survival vs waves of monsters] in end of april+. 

its called open beta but it is just their non-mmorpg centric alpha 1 with added moneistisation 'battle pass' a.k.a. buying the 'legendary path'... to pay to earn cosmetics or currency for the mmorpg


[Press release] "Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Launches December 18

"Email - Open Beta for Apocalypse Coming, Live Stream Info and Last Day for Cosmetics!


The current Apocalypse examples of free Adventure and paid Legendary unlocks including paid solo/group xp boosts

[above links from their subreddit]

they are not due to enter a more mmorpg centric state of their testing until Q2 and Q3 of 2019

[and that will be to fairly expensive paid packs only e.g. $400-500 for q2 and $250-$375 for q3]

see roadmap https://www.theaocdungeon.com/threads/the-release-phases-of-aoc-updated-6-12-2018.5/

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On 5/19/2019 at 1:19 PM, NorseLegend said:

This game is going to be good.

I'm incredibly hyped by it. It actually seems to be closer than any MMO I can recall in recent years to achieving the gameplay promises I always wanted in a game! I haven't spent a dime on it yet, but when I see one of those backer cosmetic sets I really dig, I'm probably gonna make the leap finally.



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