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Death Shroud is dumb

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2 hours ago, Angelmar said:

Deathshroud is effective at solving every fight turning into nothing but respawn spam because almost the entire cluster is within 60s of a respawn point.

We no longer see res spam fights that go 15minutes and you kill the same people 3times over.

Are there better solutions? Yes.

Did deathshroud quickly solve the biggest non-performance related issue in 5.8 GvG fights? Yes, it did.

i agree, it needs a little work, but it solves the issue right now, although after it wears off , it should heal you to at least 75% kinda like when you rez. shadowbane had pretty much same mechanic, although clerics were able to remove it with a long cooldown on the skill, i wouldnt mind seeing this. also in shadowbane you couldnt even get summoned if you had DS on you, making it even harder to get back in battle.


adding it as soon as you go into crowform would be a good idea, 

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On 12/14/2018 at 10:28 PM, Azkaosa said:

so for a pvp game i find this extremely dumb. i get being punished for dieing, but to be punished for 3 min after you rez is just stupid, it sets you up to be ganked over and over and stand no fighting chance... so i have to rez at a fort and lose all my stuff because i cant spawn at my body without a group waiting to gank me this debuff is dumb and needs to be removed

Don’t lose?  The death timer as a mechanic is a solid idea to prevent large fights from getting out of control.  A solo player complaining about losing group fights isn’t of much value though.  This is a game about teams, guilds, groups, raids, war bands;  If you’re not playing with a group expect to get smashed by them. 

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From the Dev forums, with permission.

15 minutes ago, jtoddcoleman said:

I agree also. (Original thread started with: "Would make sense to have the debuff start on crowform?" and a bunch of back and forth on similar things) We just didn't have time for a better fix, and didn't want to leave the system working as it was (it was resulting in infinite respawning into battle).

This solution is a tourniquet.  It's not ideal but it stopped the bleeding for now.



Italics are explanatory, and not part of Todds original post.

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A better fix might be applying the shroud to the crow state itself, lengthening the duration, so that if you rez at your body's location during the shroud window your crow will grab your body and your body will be set back to the beachhead. However, if you wait until the debuff is gone you will respawn instantly at your location without a handicap you must wait for further.

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I think the death shroud is a terrible idea for a game that claims to be pvp oriented. People keep mentioning that a keep siege would last forever without out. Ok... people still have to get back into a keep once they die and release make it so you can not rezz within So many hundred feet from the keep while it's on fire, so once you rez you still have to make it back into the keep. 


Give a discipline or a skill that can be used on a 5-minute timer to purge the sickness. Give clerics an ability to remove the sickness once someone rezzes without a cooldown allowing them to have a point because right now they feel worthless as it is.  The penalty of death in pvp should not impede the desire to pvp, at this point it does. People talk about porting and zoning and so forth but really is that needed when u can simply add a skill/statue there are so many other options than making people zone. Durability loss, item loss are all part of the pvp scheme but the sickness restricts the amount of time people can do something they enjoy and for those of us with the limited time that's never fun. 

As someone who works 40+ hours a week has a wife and kids my play time is limited as it is and when I do play I want to pvp ( hence why I kickstarted a pvp based game). There should be a penalty to pvp deaths but when you start to reduce the amount of time I can do what i enjoy you start to lose my attention. I do no enjoy harvesting, crafting or even running around and pve. 

Add a Timer ability on all classes to remove sickness

Have a stone/statue at the rezz spot that can remove it for a cost

Have a craftable item to remove it

Give clerics a skill to remove it

Put a rezz ring around forts on fire so you cant crow rezz inside it. 

A penalty for rezzing from crow can be your rezz at 20% of your life/mp so there is still a chance u can die before you get into a fort/pvp battle at full strength making sieges longer. 

( at the risk of getting flamed) DAOC did keep sieges very well it also had a rezz sickness and keep sieges was one of the most fun things in that game. 


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