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5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/18/18

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-Templar's ultimate power Brilliance doesn't seem to actually make you invulnerable to damage. I was still losing hp even under the invulnerability effect.

- Can't tell if devotion is healing

-Canceling combos using righteous stand can sometimes have the next attack you use get canceled by righteous stand even when you are no longer channeling it.

- Constant misses occur when using Templar Reproach combo chains, Righteous Stand Parry, and censure on elevated terrain (IE: The ramp leading down into Draco's Den)

- Sometimes killing packs of spiders in Draco's Den made the corpses all disappear before being looted

- Draco's Den mobs use their special moves ( ones with the red zones) sporadically and for unknown reasons. It feels like every 30 mobs kills or so A zombie would figure out it had a move outside of auto attack or a spider would try to spit on me.

-Spider queen may have her special telegraphed moves hidden since they usually hit my Templar for about 150-200 damage each and then suddenly they do a flurry of about 2k damage with no indication why.


Leveling feedback:


As my 4th time through using natural progression I have to say things feel pretty decent. The newbie zone could definitely be built up a bit more and there could be a prompt telling you that using the rune gate is a 1 way trip, but it works as is. In about 7 hours I got a full set of intermediates, a stocked bank of supplies, and level 25 on my Templar. All in all leveling feels fast at the moment, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not so sure how this experience compares to a proper launch where every tree, rock, and pig will be picked cleaned for days if not weeks for miles around. I remember Albion online testing having a similar feeling progression curve until launch day where you could barely chop one tree an hour since so many spots were clogged with players.

Problems like that may just be inevitable though, much like the early campaign chores of having to gather a supply cache of food and crafting materials etc. Progressing between monster ranks is going to need some type of feedback system so players know what activities are a waste of time and what difficulty their current character can handle. Right now it is just a guessing game. Maps could also use some type of marker or colored band system to show what ranks of mobs are present where. I had such a hard time  finding rank 2-5 mobs I just farmed gold from rank 1 pigs and used that to boost myself up to rank 6 combat power. Overall though pretty entertaining.


Templar Feedback:

First off divine light needs to be accessible far sooner in the talent tree. PiP generation is awful without divine light to the point that harder fights have you doing basically nothing but parry + auto attack. Its not till around level 10 with divine light can you really start weaving skills together and feeling good about your character.  The Fury specialization itself feels really good. Its amazing what just a few skills mods can do to spice up the rotation and add to overall game play. I love managing all the different CCs and debuffs Templar can put out combined with disciplines like scarecrow. I am a bit worried that Fury Templars will be a little to dependent on healers to shine as all the max health you get from passives and buffs leaves a massive HP gap that the Fury can not heal up themselves. Maybe that is just the price to pay for all that CC though.


Big 3 mitigation Disciplines:

Scarecrow is beating the pants off of  Militant Mage and Mudman mitigation disciplines. Not only is piercing an extremely relevant damage type ( all the camps and outpost guards use bows), but the utility of an aoe stun and suppression are unrivaled. Scarecrow gets to be more than a one trick pony and I am hoping the slashing and crushing defense disciplines get that same treatment.

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Got randomly kicked from NA server and now it will not let me load back into the server. Able to load in to EU server with no issue.

Edit: Just let me log back in and I was a crow. To recap what I did before this happened.

1. Went to Order Temple

2. Drank raw milk

3. Got debuff queasy and sick (wonder if this killed me)

4. Disconnected in from of sacrifice fire

Edited by Slayus

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Using shield bash after using Prosecute from Abjuration Disc will cancel the Prosecute ability and consume the energy but not deal the dmg.

Kinda  pain in the butt since u cant skill queue it due to canceling the attack after taking all energy and putting it on CD

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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Swordsmanship passive can now be triggered by Master of Swords powers, but still not by any major discipline powers, and the only native knight power that can trigger it remains onslaught.

It needs to be significantly more difficult to capture a fort.  Two people should not be able to run around in the middle of the night and capture every fort in the campaign world while the rest of the server sleeps.

Keep sieging is broken.. the sieges don't go live.


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Bug leading to disconnectiong and unable to play current character again.

Playing as Balance, ranger wood elf, level 10. Was jumping across some rocks when I immediately got disconnected to the menu. When I tried to reenter the campaign, my character had disappeared from the character list. I closed out the entire game and reopened it to find my character reverted to level 9, but still unable to reenter the world with that character.

Sent an email with the attachments but posting here to cover my bases since this really sucked.

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Context: I'm a brand new player. Last night was my first Crowfall play session. I played a Ranger up to level 5 and got basic weapons, armor, and mount. Capped a few outposts solo and with a small group, but didn't run into any opposing players. So hopefully this can be helpful in viewing the "new player experience".


Before I get into my constructive criticism, I just wanted to preface that with how much I enjoyed getting in to play the game. The experience is looking really great and I'm stoked for the direction of the game, generally. I know devs need thick skin so I want to make sure my following "negative" feedback is viewed in the light of a pretty happy camper that just wants to make the game even better :)

General Gameplay/UI Feedback

  1. The entire concept of the Survival tray still just really throws me off. Maybe I'll get used to it, but as a new player I'd really just prefer a more seamless in-combat/out-of-combat mechanic that isn't some kind of hard toggle I have to press in order to access abilities.
  2. Bar swapping in general as the Ranger still feels clunky. Less so when I played a year+ ago because I don't have a full suite of powers yet, so it's perhaps easier to learn as I go.
  3. Tooltips were very difficult to parse at first. Particularly the icons used to denote value/field names such as the stacked coins/disks representing "Cost". Having to realize that when I saw that symbol paired with the word "Energy" and then saw the symbol again with the number "350" meant a power cost 350 Energy to use was NOT intuitive. There's still several symbols I wasn't really able to figure out. I'm not sure you're really saving much beyond just using actually text to denote things (except maybe localization costs/issues).
  4. The new character creation screen is lovely, but it could really use some additional information. For example hover-over tooltips for Races that showed their attributes and abilities (just a tooltip the same as the racial disc in game would be great) and for Classes that provided a brief explanation of the class' role and resource mechanics. Right now newer players can only choose based off aesthetics/class names alone. Particularly for the races, they have a substantial impact on your character so you should know more up-front about what the differences between them are. For classes, there's no information explaining the class in-game either (from what I could find) so it's essentially a blind pick based on the name.
  5. Is there no way to just a free-floating cursor without your inventory open? I see these passive buff icons in the upper-right of my screen but I can't hover over them to see what they do to me. I can find that information elsewhere by going to their source (passive power, discipline, whatever) but that just seems...odd to me. In every other game with similar buff icons I can hover over them to see what they do. I tried checking my keybindings to find the control to allow this but couldn't find it, if it exists. This should perhaps be part of the new player tutorial pop-ups that appear. Speaking of which...
  6. I'd prefer if the new tutorial pop-ups didn't automatically disappear after X seconds. They pop up unexpectedly so I feel forced to stop what I'm doing immediately in order to read them, which feels jarring. As a new player I'd like to continue whatever I was in the middle of (harvesting a node or whatever) and then read the tooltip at a more casual pace.
  7. I had a lot of problems registering when attacks or harvesting strikes were landing, but I'd attribute that to some of the FX/SFX issues reported in the Known Issues channel.
  8. Fly text is very hard to notice, it was overly difficult to see how much damage I was doing.
  9. Is there no fly text or anything when I'm being hit or healed? This was rather off-putting. The only way I could really register I was being healed or hit was from staring at my health bar, which is not a great UX.
  10. New users should be prompted to pick passive skills training ASAP, as it would be very easy to miss if I wasn't already aware of the games mechanics.

Class-specific (RANGER) Feedback

  1. Overall I'm quite happy with the direction that's been made with the Ranger, particularly with the advent of the concept of Promotion Classes.
  2. Even as a die-hard Ranger-lover, I'm not at all excited for the Brigand promotion class though. It looks very much like a wannabe Assassin. If I wanted to be an Assassin, I'd be an Assassin. I'd recommend you look at differentiating the promotion classes between:
    1. Hard archery skew
    2. Archery/melee mix (abilities need to synergize or combo for this to be effective, not just two separate trays of independent powers)
    3. Hard melee skew
  3. I have no idea how to regenerate Energy as a new player, which is my primary class resource. There needs to be some kind of in-game explanation of this for a new player. Maybe after you slot your first ability with an Energy cost it pops up a tooltip explaining how it regenerates in some way?

Crafting & Harvesting Feedback

  1. Running around with my currently selected harvesting tool while in the Survival tray (i.e. most travel time) seems really goofy.
  2. Piggy-backing off of that, having to manually select which harvesting tool I have equipped isn't a "fun" mechanic. It just feels like a needless/tedious extra click. I'd much prefer there just be harvesting equipment slots and if you have the proper tool slotted and left-click while targeting a node it will pull out the appropriate tool and start swinging (and sheathe it when you're not swinging). That would free up the Survival tray for "fun" things like abilities, mounts, and out-of-combat consumables, etc.



Only real bug I seemed to run into was that I'd run into invisible solid "objects" on stairs that would just stop me dead. I was playing a Wood Elf and this was most noticeable when trying to go up the stairs into the entrance of the Balance Temple. I'd have to go to the edges of the stairs to bypass it, something just blocked me in the middle.

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Hi everyone. Hope you aren't in the midst of typing a lot of words for this forum thread because I'm closing it out. We are currently in maintenance mode on live now but will have a new patch shortly. Thanks for all the great info so far!

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