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Character Creation and Deities


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So, I just created my first character last night. I chose a High-Elf Assassin. I don't recall getting to choose a deity. When I went to make my first sacrifice in the flames at my EK, the game had given me Malokai? Not sure on the spelling, but it's the Spider symbol. That makes sense given the character, but what if I wanted something different? 

Let's say I want a character to serve Maeve, the Squid symbol. How could I create a character that would serve her?  

Thanks for helping the new guy out.

Jeff Mc

Edited by Jeph
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Hi @Jeph welcome to Crowfall! I hope you're having fun so far!

When it comes to making sacrifices, right now everyone sacrifices to Malekai, there is no variation at the moment. It has no further effect on your crow/vessel either at the moment. I'm sure more Lore will be added within the game as we move further in development.


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