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Second test Campaign - Official discussion thread

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I was thinking about the issues with the lvl 1 capping at start.  

 Separate the regions of the 9 PVP zones into different factions. Start say 3 zones/maps closest to each faction would be divided with forts, keeps and camps all for said faction and the points would start on an even playing field and you would have to actively enter those maps and take the forts, camps, and keeps in order to increase your factions points. 


Put aggressive NPCs in all in forts, outposts and camps until taken by a faction. Also maybe add a miniboss in the fort like a sentinal for instance to keep just solo/duo players capping forts.  



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Couple things:

 - This game is insanely unfun solo.  It's not just about getting ganked.  I WISH I'd get ganked.  The game is just insanely slow paced.
 - As a result, I feel like linking up with players is something that should be facilitated better than it is.  I'm not talking about a groupfinder, but there's no worldwide faction-only chat, so players are not always forthcoming about where they are when you're trying to find the party.  This is something that ought to exist.

Lastly, what's the best way to rapidly get a mount?  Skinning pigs without training was VERY slow, and I couldn't find any players selling saddles or anything.

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