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Epherium and its leaders have risen to the top of games like Albion Online, BDO, ARK, and much more. We know what it takes to get to the top and are actively looking for members that wish to get their with us. 


- Players are expected to be active somewhat around the times of 5:00 Central through 12:00 Central.
- Toxicity will not be accepted
- Players are expected to always strive to be better. **I will be the hardest working leader out of anyone on this discord** I expect the same effort from you
- 18 Years +
- Mic is required

Why Join Epherium?
Ever been in that class project, where you put in some A+ level work and everyone arounds you hardly does a thing so you result in getting a C+ on the project? Join Epherium to surround yourself with S tier players that will make the most out of all that you do. When looking for a group to play with your main objective should be to avoid people that will waste your time and effort. I have been a leader in many games where success is measured off players integration and synergy. You are only as strong as your weakest link, this is where you should build your foundation! 

Information and Discord Link
I really hope to see those that read this in Epherium, Crowfall is going to be a fun adventure and were all dying to get into the game!
Feel free to shoot me a DM at Alec#6569 and @ any @officer in discord for more details!

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