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Confessor sanctifier viable


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im playing as one and had a small pug siege fight yesterday seems pretty solid.

the plate armor and 7k hp saved me multiple times from certain death ganks / situations.

but imo dont slot the "spitting distance" passive, thats for sure


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2 hours ago, veeshan said:

Guildie says it OP especialy with the str of mana shield

Not sure about op the other confessor lines have more dps . But, the sanctifier is very tanky .  The spitting distance is not quite usable as you are not quite as tanky as a melee in order to make it Viable to slot. 

Fanatic is strong also. Another guildmember is testing that and its bonuses to control effects with damage bonuses make it a strong alternative. 

Have not tested the dot removal "cleansing fire"

The dots for from the top line. Are very strong as it seems everything catches everyone on fire with severe burning. I will test it further. 

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